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Amazon Sumerian Basics: Creating a TV Room

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Amazon Sumerian Basics: Creating a TV Room


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In this tutorial you will learn about:

Local and global coordinates

In this tutorial, we walk through the basics of Sumerian. Requiring no previous experience, this tutorial provides end-to-end instruction on building a TV room.

This is the scene we will build in this tutorial. Be sure you are using the latest version of your browser.

You’ll learn about the following:

  • The Sumerian interface
  • Creating a new scene
  • Importing assets
  • Object placement using the Transform component
  • Lighting
  • Illuminating textures
  • Materials


Before you begin, you should have completed the following tasks and tutorials:

Step 1: Creating a New Scene

  1. Sign in to your Sumerian account.
  2. You are now looking at the Sumerian Dashboard. This is the management console for your account. From here, you can open a scene or create a new one.

  3. Choose Create new scene.

  4. Name the scene “TV Room Final”.

You now have a new, empty scene with nothing but a camera.

Step 2: Creating a Temporary Point Light

Welcome to the Sumerian editor! To learn more about the interface, review the Introduction to the Amazon Sumerian Interface tutorial.

We currently have an open scene, with nothing but a camera. We first want to add a temporary light so we can see.

  1. Choose Create Entity at the top of the canvas.
  2. From the Create Entity menu, under the Lights category, select Point.