Dive deeper into Amazon Sumerian and create cutting edge 3D application demos.

Texture Optimization Best Practices for Fast-Loading Scenes

Dramatically improve Amazon Sumerian scene load times by using these simple techniques.

Hands-Free Chatbot and Voice Transcription Using Amazon Sumerian

Learn how to set up Amazon Transcribe streaming transcription in Amazon Sumerian to build voice-based, hands-free experiences.

Creating Dynamic Teaching Content in Amazon Sumerian

Learn to create custom presentations using Amazon Sumerian in a single file upload.

Create Free-Floating Text on Surface Textures in Amazon Sumerian

Learn how to create free-floating text in Amazon Sumerian.

Calling and Translating Amazon Lex Using Scripts

Learn to use Amazon Lex within an Amazon Sumerian scene with scripts.

Query Amazon DynamoDB Directly from Amazon Sumerian Using Custom Attributes

Learn how to pull information directly from an Amazon DynamoDB database and use it within an Amazon Sumerian scene.

Language Translation Using Amazon Translate

Learn to use Amazon Translate to translate text in Amazon Sumerian.

Building a Virtual Assistant for Local Map Search

Learn how to integrate Amazon Sumerian and Amazon Lex with Google Maps for location-based search.

Dynamic Speech During Runtime

Using SpeechController to make a host speak Dynamic text during runtime.

AWS Integration, Part 1 (Using Voice Commands with Amazon Lex)

Learn how to interact with entities with your voice by leveraging a virtual host and Amazon Lex

Building a Digital Twin in Amazon Sumerian Using a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to use Amazon Sumerian, AWS IoT Core, and a Raspberry Pi prototyping kit to create a digital twin training scenario.

Meet Amazon Sumerian at re:Invent 2018!

This article details the Sumerian schedule at re:Invent 2018

Building AR and VR Experiences with React, Amazon Sumerian, and AWS Amplify

Learn how to build protected Amazon Sumerian scenes and deploy them using AWS Amplify.

Creating a Slide Show Presentation, part 1

Create your own slide show presentation, presented by an Amazon Sumerian Host.

Virtual Concierge Starter Pack

Learn how to create an interactive and personalized digital concierge using AWS and an Amazon Sumerian Host.

Designing Skyboxes and Skyspheres for 3D and VR Environments

Learn some best practices for creating and designing your own unique skyboxes and skyspheres for Amazon Sumerian.

Understanding Amazon Sumerian's HTML3D Component

Learn what's happening behind the scenes and best practices for using the Amazon Sumerian HTML3D component.

Amazon Sumerian Concierge Experience

Learn how to create an interactive and personalized digital concierge using AWS and an Amazon Sumerian Host.

Alarm System Using the State Machine

Use the State machine and Event listeners to build an alarm system with the box acting like a motion sensor.

Weather Report, 3D without Needing to (too much) Code

You don't need code with Amazon Sumerian, but with a little bit of code, you can quickly build a weather reporting application.

Creating Camera Animations Using the Timeline

Use camera animations to create a scene flyover or showcase a 3D model in Amazon Sumerian.

Capturing and Visualizing Microphone Input, Part 1

Learn how to create real-time visualization of your microphone input in your Amazon Sumerian scene.

Capturing and Visualizing Microphone Input, Part 2

Learn how to record and download your microphone input in your Amazon Sumerian scene.

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