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Video Series

Sumerian Beginner Course

If you're new to Amazon Sumerian or just wanting to learn more about creating immersive AR, VR, and 3D scenes, this course is meant for you! In this course you will create a Training Simulator that works in Virtual Reality or on a desktop. Through 14 lessons, you will discover Sumerian capabilities and best practices while creating a fully functional scene from scratch.

Using the Virtual Concierge Template

In this short video series you will learn about the Virtual Concierge scene template. This three-part series walks through creating a virtual barista, swapping out chat bots, and takes a deep dive into the scripts provided in this template

Sumerian Host Course

In this course, you will learn everything about Hosts speeches, point of interest, gestures, chatbots, integration with Amazon Lex and Polly, and much more. If you want to understand all there is to learn about Hosts, this is a great place to start!

Live Streams

Re-watch all of the Amazon Sumerian live streams! See everything from learning how to use the basics of Sumerian, integrations with other AWS services, as well as guest projects, applications, and demos.

Integrating AWS Services Builder Sessions

This lesson in this video series was recorded live as a both a demo and an office hours. The primary focus of this series is integrating Amazon Sumerian with other AWS services, while answering customer questions. This series uses a purchased 3D model but is not necessary to use to follow along with this video series. Join us as we learn how to build integrated scenes in front of a live audience!

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